What to expect at your first BOOMBOX Class


Stepping into your first BOOMBOX class is a feeling we all know too well! The level of hype and anticipation that comes with the thrill of hitting the bag and nailing your first knockout combo is like no other. You’ve secured your first bag, now here’s what to expect!



Before Class

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early, so you’ll have enough time to settle in and get the full party experience!

  • Check-in with a Studio Coordinator who will guide you to our lockers and give you a quick tour of the studio.

  • Grab your Champion must-haves including wraps, gloves, towel, and water.

During Class

  • Fist bump your Coach as you enter the studio and find your assigned bag number!

  • Watch and practice with your Coach as they take you through the 6 basic punches, and defense moves so that you can confidently punch like a pro. 

  • Next, the bass goes up, the lights go down, and it’s time to Leave It All On The Bag!

  • Your coach will guide you round by round through a 50-minute class of cardio boxing, strength and HIIT training.

  • Expect a lot of sweat and cheers to bring out the fighter within you!

After Class

  • Hydrate and Stretch! 

  • Download our App or stop by the front desk to speak with a Studio Coordinator to book your next class. Progress takes practice. The more you show up, the better your punches will be!

  • But wait, don’t forget to take a insta-worthy photo in front of our mural or in our ring and tag us: @boombox_boxing #BOXINGREMIXED

Download our BOOMBOX Boxing Club App, and secure your bag today!! We’re waiting on you. Come Thru!

Written by: ICONIQUE Media