Fist Pumps & Hooks - The Ultimate Cardio Boxing & Music Experience



BOOMBOX is D.C.’s first beat-driven fitness boxing studio, here to “shock the world,” while shaking up the local fitness scene.  The concept, “Boxing Remixed,” is the brainchild of its two founders, avid fitness and boxing enthusiasts, and combines the sweet science of boxing and high-intensity interval training, with a playlist you’ll want to listen to all week! Group fitness in the DMV will never be the same. 

 Why Boxing?

Boxing is an amazing cardio workout that trains both your mind and body, challenging you to go another round, fight harder, while leaving it all on the bag. Simply put, it’s the best workout you aren’t doing.  Our 50-minute classes are designed to improve your cardiovascular health and body composition, while decreasing daily stress (sometimes you just need to punch something!). Just imagine, every time you set foot into BOOMBOX you’ll be igniting the fighter within you, as you experience high-intensity punch rounds on our state-of-the-art Aqua Training Bags and strength training built to bring you closer to your personal athletic goals.



 It’s All About the Music

We Box to the Beat, making your workout at BOOMBOX a must-have daily party session. 

Our playlists, both in-studio and online, through our weekly MIXTAPE drop on Spotify, are curated by our team of music professionals, to ensure you have the music you need to power through every minute of each class and every minute of life. But it doesn’t stop at the playlists, our sound system, mirrored walls and lighting effects rival some of D.C.’s hottest nightlife destinations. 

Our official Grand Opening day is Monday, July 29th. Get ready to book your bag because here comes the BOOM!