• What is BOOMBOX? +

    • D.C.’s first boutique fitness studio offering music-driven, boxing-inspired group fitness classes featuring:

      • High-intensity rounds on the Aqua Training Bag

      • Functional strength and bodyweight training

      • Heart-pounding playlists

  • Why Boxing-Inspired Training +

    • We view boxing as a metaphor for life. We’re all fighters. We’re all fighting something. Boxing training reinforces perseverance, discipline, dedication, hustle, grit--the ability to push through and overcome.

  • What are the Benefits of Boxing Training?+

    • Enhanced cardiovascular health

    • Improved strength and body composition

    • Improved balance, agility and hand-eye coordination

    • Decreased stress

    • Improved confidence

  • What is “Boxing Remixed”? +

    • Boxing...with a dash of sexy! The concept is “fight club, meets night club.” Our 50-minute workout combines high-intensity rounds on the heavy bag and strength training to torch fat, build lean muscle and unleash the fighter within.

  • How we are different from other group fitness boxing concepts in D.C.? +

    • Our classes are truly MUSIC DRIVEN. Boxing is rhythmic. Our signature BeatBOX class marries rhythm and boxing movements.

    • You have your own station and we box and strength train together (the class isn’t divided into groups), allowing coaches to more effectively cue and monitor form and technique.

    • Our strength training implements include kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands.

  • Where are you located?

    • 1221 Van Street SE Suite
      140 Washington DC 20003
      Right in front of Nationals Stadium!

  • What kind of classes will you offer?

    • Our signature BeatBox class

    • Private and small group training

    • A range of other specialized workshops (e.g. kettlebell conditioning, technical boxing, etc.)

  • Hours of operations

    • Weekday classes will be offered in the mornings and evenings

    • Weekend classes will be offered in the mornings through midday

  • Do you have showers?

    • No, we do not have showers. We offer free towel service.

  • Do you offer monthly memberships and packages?

    • Yes, we offer several monthly membership options (e.g., 8x a month and unlimited) and class packs (e.g., 5 classes, 10 classes and 20 classes). We will begin pre-sales on June 16th, with reduced rates for founding members.


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